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In general, the land is described as a beautiful, pure and cultured place. Jess tried going to Terabithia alone, but it was no good. They spend the afternoon swinging on an old rope hanging from a tree near the creek.

Mountain lions prey deer fiercely and powerfully to get a big meal. His childhood was unstable, with many moves following his parents' divorce in How or why does identity change?

Why does the narrator give in to Silva's desires? What does the story suggest? Are they also her desires? What might those be? At best, her evidence for these charges is anecdotal and circumstantial. How do such stories fit in with other values and social and moral considerations?

By the end of the week, it is understood that there will be no more races. In the poverty of the world he lives in, Jess can hardly understand this last fact, and in the end he simply vows to ignore it.

Assure students that all responses are valid and important to the discussion. I live in a very diverse city with a large multicultural population, as well as a large homeless population.

How does physical space function in the story? In addition, White was the author of many articles, monographs and books. What is its meaning? Discuss with students which strategies from the chart Jess and Leslie used as they first got to know each other.

The collection is open for research. In the next lines, the persona notices olfactory imagery which is conveyed by phr Ways to Make a Friend: Is Silko suggesting the existence of truths or forces that transcend culture and society?

Is it significant that he mentions the boundaries and areas occupied by the Navajos, the Pueblo people, the Texans, and the Mexicans? From toWhite taught at the University of Buffalo, then came to the University of Michigan where he remained from to The books which best expressed his evolutionary and culturological theory and interpretation were The Science of Culture and The Evolution of Culture Leslie avoids Jess as he tries to comfort her, and after school dashes to the back of the bus and sits in what Jess knows to be the seventh graders' private territory.

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Emphasizing the importance of storytelling as unifier and guidepost in the Pueblo culture, Silko is at her best when recounting stories that demonstrate the strong spiritual relationship of the people to the land's animate and inanimate objects, as in the tale of a drowned child whose clothes magically turn into desert butterflies or in the story of Yellow Woman, who agrees to go away with a buffalo spirit so that her tribe will always have food.

I found Jamison to be very insightful, very well-informed, and with a unique voice.Leslie Jamison is the author of The Empathy Exams. Her essays have appeared in the Believer, Harper’s, Oxford American, A Public Space, Tin House, and The Best American Essays.

She is a regular columnist for the New York Times Book Review and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Bridge to Terabithia Study Notes. 1. The story is about two friends. he is very creative too. Jess’ family are religious and attend church weekly. Leslies Family- Both of Leslie’s parents are writers.

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Get Essay Help. Leslie Marmon Silko () (click here for details) Time. He tells her that he is a ka'tsina (kachina) spirit and calls her "Yellow Woman," invoking a character in stories that the narrator had heard from her grandfather. Although she doubts that he is really a ka'tsina spirit, the narrator feels compelled to go up the mountain with Silva.

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