Main factors affecting tourism supply

On the other hand, if the tax rate is low, then the supply of a product would increase. Dubai is one of such tourist destinations which is marketed around the world through various channels. For example, if the price of wheat increases, then farmers would tend to grow more wheat than nee.

By increasing and decreasing interest ratesthe U. In the modern world, culture has become a primary attraction for tourists and millions travel to distant nations every year only to know their culture and experience its uniqueness. Other factors Sometimes other factors also contribute toward growth of tourism at unexpected places.

Trends can be the types of destinations that are in vogue, like exotic beaches and European city tours, or certain types of niche travel that are becoming more popular than they once were, like destination weddings or spa and golf vacations. This leads to favorable demand and on the other hand lower economic activity and employment lead to low consumption of tourism services and less spending.

Here, faiths, beliefs and sentiments of people contribute in booming tourism at holy places.

Factors Affecting Marketing in Travel and Tourism

The evolution of new physical spaces for accommodation has also changed how people travel. It has made booking, marketing of tourists services easier and also helped people and businesses manage the costs of travel better. Other countries with cooler climate that attract tropical tourists are Switzerland, Sweden, etc.

This money can then be reinvested and can stimulate the financial markets within those countries. Trends are what allow traders and investors to capture profits. Technological factors too have a similar effect on the tourism industry and demand for travel and tourism.

Describe the main factors affecting tourism demand.

The reason being he would wait for better rates for his product. This further increase the supply of food grains in the market. Unlike demand, supply refers to the willingness of a seller to sell the specified amount of a product within a particular price and time.

Speculation and expectation drive prices based on what future prices might be. Currency Rates International travel supplier and destination marketing is directly affected by fluctuations in the currency rates between countries.

Factors Affecting Demand in The Tourism Sector

Federal Reserve can effectively slow or attempt to speed up growth within the country. Supply is always defined in relation to price and time. People have more options for travelling which have kept growing cheaper with time.Explain Factors That Affect Supply and Demand [Name] [Institution] [Instructor] Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Factors That Could Cause Changes In Supply and Demand 2 Substitute and Complementary Products 3 Product: Teabags 4 Necessity of Product and Price Elasticity 4 References 5 Introduction In business and economics, the relationship between potential buyers and sellers of.

factors affecting Demand and Supply Discuss the factors causing a shift in the demand and supply of a specific commodity In economics, Demand refers to the quantity of a goods or services that consumers are willing and able to buy at a given price in a given time period.

The law of demand stipulates that there is an inverse relationship between the price of a good and the quantity demanded. Declaration on World Tourism stated that the ultimate aim of tourism was “the improvement of the quality of life and the creation of better living conditions for all people ” (Cooper et al.

14). Important factors that affect the development of tourism are as follows: Environmental factors: Good climate, Beautiful scenery, etc. Socio-economic factors: Accessibility, Accommodation, Amenities, Ancillary services, etc.

Historical and cultural factors, Religious factors and; Other factors. Now let's discuss above factors affecting the growth of tourism. There are several factors that affect the demand for tourism.

Factors Affecting Demand and Supply in Tourism

One set of factors deals with the price people have to pay. The cost of getting to a destination is a factor. Factors Affecting Price Elasticity of Supply. The following are the main factors which influence the price elasticity of supply: Time Period.

Availability of stocks. Spare capacity. Flexibility of capacity/ Resource Mobility. Time period. Generally the longer the time period allowed, the easier it.

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Main factors affecting tourism supply
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