Write a birthday card to a friend

Have an awesome birthday! I hope you work as hard at having a fun birthday as you do at doing your job.

Religious Birthday Wishes to Write in a Card

Happy birthday to the sweetest mother I know. As my friend, I hold you close to my heart. You are my perfect example of strength and love, and I aspire to be the same type of dad to my kids that you have always been for me. Today is the day when I promise not to cause any of the trouble that I caused the rest of the year.

Happy birthday to the classiest friend a person could ever have. Further Reading on What to write.

Birthday wishes: what to write in a birthday card

Live this year with passion for life and see where that promise can take you. When a light of love like you has a birthday, we are the receiver of the gift. May you have not only a happy birthday, but also a sense of peace founded on the gift that was given you when you were born again.

It's my friend's birthday today! Regardless of his religious preferences, Jimmy was obviously outwardly and inwardly spiritual.

What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Keeping you, Glenn and the kids in our thoughts and hearts, Kelly. My greatest wish is to grow up and become just like you.

Birthday Wishes for Co-Workers and Bosses: What to Write in a Card

It reeks of being too easy and impersonal. Happy birthday to the most inspiring person we know. From cooking to cleaning to taking care of the kids, I see you in everything I do.

We are together even when we are apart. Another great year of having the greatest papa in the world to spend time with.

Too bad you're also old, shrinking, and balding.We get to write in a birthday card once a year for each of our friends. No one should have to stress out about figuring out what to write.

Birthday eCards

Birthday wishes fall under a few different categories: sincere, funny, or encouraging. Write In Birthday Guest Book: Write In Books - Books You Can Write In [H Barnett] on polonyauniversitem.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Happy Birthday, my precious one. May you have an awesome day. On your Birthday I want you to remember for the rest of your life, that I have always been the first one to wish you a Happy Birthday.

See Also: What To Write In A Wedding Card Sometimes, a simple birthday wish is enough to let your loved one know how you feel about them.

A birthday card is usually the perfect avenue to do this.

How to write a beautiful condolence card to someone who has lost a child

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.” —Douglas Pagels Friendship Messages: This card is sent with lots and lots of love to a friend who means so very much to me.

Birthday card writing is an art that doesn’t come naturally for many of us. It can be hard to come up with what to write in a birthday card.

Write a birthday card to a friend
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