Write a memory bridal shower game

The Ultimate Bridal Shower Game Guide

Distribute paper and pencil and ask players to try guess what each object does. As guests arrive, assign each of them one half of a famous couple.

Scrapbooking Fun!

Bring some happiness to one whose birthday it is - compose an improvised congratulation. This is like the reverse version of The Newlywed Game—the guests are put to the test. Ask them to mark the items that they have in their purse.

This guessing game allows everyone to step back into the past.

Fun Interactive Bridal Shower Games

The host picks one to three words that you are not allowed to say. Anyway, on to playing Psychiatrist Shake up the next round and only allow players to use one word to define the celeb.

Check out some ideas for a bridal shower here. Continue the auction until you're given the oldest coin. If not, the other team begins their round. The first round finishes when one of the participants has eaten the whole piece of cake or a pie.

Display a container filled with Hershey Kisses and have participants attempt to guess how many kisses are in the container. Hand out index cards and have each guest write a description of their favorite memory with the bride the more adventurous, the better.

FYI Solid color plates cost less and can be used for other events. Have all the items which should be new, as the bride will get to take them home as gifts laid out on a pretty tray — or attached to an apron worn by the bride. They can keep the collection and reference it throughout their marriage.

Each guest then has two minutes to come up with the answer and write it down on her note card. The gentleman who manages to gather the greatest number of items in the shortest period of time wins the competition. As the game begins, inform guests that this package contains a teddy to be modeled by the one who unwraps the last layer of wrapping paper.

When everyone arrives, hand them a card and explain they have 30 to 40 minutes to come up with the answer to the question on their given card. After the bride has arrived at the party and mingled with guests for about 20 minutes or so, ask her to leave the room.

Ask each of them to write what would sound like the first line of a poem, and to make the bride the subject of the poem. Print this color using your home printer if it matches your Bridal Shower Party's theme. Once everything is set up, have the bride go around the room considering each item.

The next word is thought of by the other player. Have the host asks each question out loud, and as guests yell out the answer, give points to each person for a correct response. Or, if the shower is girls-only, record his responses or questions ahead of time on video and then play it for all of the guests.

Share a Memory with Bride to be Game Cards

Have you got any?The Game: Memory Lane. The Gist: Everyone has to figure out what the bride and groom did with whom. What to Prep: Hand out index cards and have each guest write a description of their favorite memory with the bride (the more adventurous, the better).

The host will collect the cards. Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas. Yes, planning a bridal shower is a labor of love — but remember your guest of honor will cherish this rare opportunity to bond with her "inner circle.".

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Spa Themed Bridal Shower – Manicures, pedicures, makeup, and massages! Talk about the perfect girly bridal shower! Celebrate the bride-to-be with a relaxing afternoon! Laura from Intimate Weddings has come up with a bunch of “spa” inspired activities and ideas!

Fun Bridal Shower Games

Lots of free baby shower party games. Instantly print fun activities.

Write a memory bridal shower game
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